The management

Landax AS has motivated staff with a broad range of experience and expertise. We are also affiliated to a number of experts in the fields of quality management, certification and internal control.

Torleif Bratlie Managing Director
Torleif is the company’s founder and Managing Director. Torleif as more than 20 years of experience in practice in the specialist fields of software development, system development, project management and corporate management. Torleif studied music and information technology.
Lydia Tombre Vedvik Sales manager
Lydia is responsible for the sales team at Landax, helping customers to build up quality systems and assisting with certification processes. Lydia is a trained quality manager and a project and risk management expert. She has previous experience of IT systems for sales and property and concept development,.
Eirik Opstad Development manager
Eirik has extensive experience of programming and project management in the fields of system development and ICT solutions. He is responsible for the development and operation of our core product, Landax.
Anne Louise Samnøy Head of finance and HR officer
Anne Louise Samnøy is the head of finance at Landax AS. She trained as an auditor at BI Norwegian Business School/University of South-Eastern Norway. She has broad experience in the field of finance, having worked with accounting firms, local authorities and a number of private companies