Project management
Project management and control is complex. Your job will be easier with the Landax control system in place to help you from start to finish.
Included modules
Included modules

Project management system

There are a number of different applications and products in the Landax universe. Project control is one of the cornerstones of Landax, and the vast majority of companies need this. 

Project management and control is complex, with stringent requirements in respect of documentation, progression, and security. The Landax control system provides system support for everything from small subtasks, checklists, and deadlines to risk assessments and crucial milestones. 

You will always maintain full control over all elements of your project while also meeting the requirements for documentation and continuous improvement. Delivering good results will also be easier. 

Who needs the Landax project module?

All businesses working with projects of all sizes, both internally and externally, and wishing to maintain full control over tasks, progress, and documentation can benefit from the Landax project module. This module provides a good tool for resource planning and control, and you can extract reports and statistics at any time. Using the timekeeping module as well provides both the project manager and the finance department with regular lists of hours that are to be invoiced. 

This is available in the Landax project module

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Link important information to your project

The project module can be adapted so that your company can use it however you need it to be used. You can link important information in all projects such as: 

Tasks and resource management in Landax

It is possible to register tasks in all projects, with deadlines, and assign these to individuals who are responsible for completing them. The project can be shown in a Gantt report which provides a good overview of the project itself and subordinate tasks.

This provides the person responsible for the project with an overview of what is to be done at any time and the progress made on the process. 


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Recommended Landax modules for easier project management

Besides the Projects module, we recommend that all our users who need simple project control should also use the modules for hours, documents and agreement management

Timekeeping in connection with projects

The timekeeping module can be used to list hours and absences in a complete overview. Both invoiceable hours and internal working hours are recorded here. You can have different projects, customers, and departments and add absences and holidays. This also facilitates invoicing for the finance department, which constantly requires overviews of hours that are to be invoiced.

This provides you with access to good statistics, and you can extract reports. This ensures good documentation for customers, and the company is always has updated statistics. 

Hours can also be entered in the Landax app. Entries can be made on the go, and you can view a complete list of hours worked, including breaks, activities, holidays, projects, and tasks. 

Hours entered can be linked directly to a project, and all tasks belonging to the project are available. It is also possible to enter comments, where relevant. 

Document library for better project control

We recommend that all Landax users should use the document module, which is an extensive tool for document management and control. This module acts as a library for the entire Landax universe. 

The document module supports workflow from establishment to change, approval, and publication. The module also features excellent procedures for consultation processes. 

Documents can be linked to projects and organized into folder structures adapted for the project in which you are working. 

The agreement management module reminds you to renew your projects

The Landax agreement management module provides your company with a full overview of which agreements, contracts and orders are applicable at any one time. You can also see when the various agreements expire or have to be renewed or renegotiated. If your company enters into agreements with customers relating to projects that are to be delivered, agreement management may be a useful tool to remind you to renew contracts and gain an overview of the annual value of your projects. 


You can find out more about the agreement management module from Landax here. 

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