Landax offers an extensive and flexible tool designed specifically for machinery, buildings, equipment and vehicles that covers equipment history, lending and maintenance scheduling.
Included modules
Included modules

MOM system

Check manufacturing, operation and maintenance with Landax

Using Landax allows you to maintain a simple overview of everything to do with manufacturing, operation and maintenance (MOM) in your company.

MOM in Landax is particularly useful for companies with maintenance departments and workers in production industries, as well as all companies working with vehicle maintenance, IT or property management.


Keep track of company equipment

The MOM and equipment module can be used to keep track of all of the company’s operating equipment. Vehicles, computer equipment, production equipment, buildings, ventilation systems and measurement and calibration equipment are just a few examples. You can use the module to check inventory status, location, service deadlines and responsible individuals, for example. The MOM and equipment module also ensures that things are kept clean and tidy when equipment is loaned out. This module keeps the lending date, the name of the borrower, and the agreed return date all in a single location.


Record work orders and nonconformities

You can use the MOM module to record work orders and assign responsibility to employees for each item of equipment. This also simplifies the process for recording and following up scheduled maintenance and inspection. You can add recurring tasks linked to every item if regular follow-up is needed, such as in the case of servicing or calibration. You can also add relevant warranty and scrapping agreements, service agreements and equipment reports so that you always have these to hand. The same is applicable to financial information and vouchers. 

The equipment module is integrated with the rest of the Landax system. Other useful and related modules include the inspection module, the risk module, and the document library. You can also use the nonconformity module to log equipment nonconformities, which provides a lifetime record in the equipment card.


Landax consists of 9 specialist solutions and 30 support modules. Would you like to try Landax absolutely free? Get a demo here. 

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