ISO 45001
International work environment system (EHS)
Included modules
Included modules

ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety management systems

ISO 45001 can be used by all businesses. This standard defines requirements for the processes relating to the management of the work environment in order to prevent illness and accidents in the workplace.

The Landax management system is ideal for certification to ISO 45001. This standard follows the same structure as the ISO standards 9001 and 14001, and can be integrated in Landax with ease.

Find out more about control of health, safety and the environment in the workplace, and why this is important.

Prevent adverse events

Adverse events can occur anywhere. All nonconformities can be registered in Landax, thereby reducing the chances of them happening again. The nonconformity module in Landax has a number of applications and can be used for quality work, internal control, and EHS. This system helps you to keep a summary of immediate action taken, preventive measures, and the potential financial consequences of the nonconformities. 


Nonconformities can be entered directly in the module, but you can also communicate events by email or text message, or in the Landax app. Remember to adapt your entry screen according to the type of nonconformity in question: for example, a production nonconformity should include different information to an EHS nonconformity. 

You can upload images, documents, tasks, and financial information of significance for the nonconformity entered. 

You can also integrate the process with the module for tasks so that you have control over who performs the various tasks and when the job is to be done.

Landax consists of 9 specialist solutions and 30 support modules. Would you like to try Landax absolutely free? Get a demo here. 

Visualize risk with useful tools

Norwegian companies are required to perform hazard assessments as part of their operations. Landax contains modules that have been specially developed to meet these requirements, and so it is a good choice when working with risk analysis, EHS, and internal control. The risk module allows you to map hazards and risks in your company and assess which factors constitute hazards for the environment, finance, reputation, equipment, or personnel. 

Risks are mapped by creating a risk and vulnerability analysis – known by some people as a rough analysis – according to the formula “risk = probability x consequence”. This is an experience-based model. You can create detailed risk descriptions of areas or processes here and establish protection measures and action plans. The overall risk pattern can be viewed in a clear diagram, and you can use this information to determine which threats and hazards require further action. 

A risk analysis provides a robust starting point for setting up an action plan. You can record risk-mitigating improvements and measures here, as well as assigning responsibilities to employees for the various tasks, with deadlines and other important information. 


Do you have any questions on the Landax control system? Read our frequently asked questions here.  

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