ISO 14001
International environmental management system.
Included modules
Included modules

ISO 14001 - Environment management standard

Your contribution towards a greener planet

ISO 14001 shows you and your business the way towards greener, more sustainable operations.
This standard assists with compliance with the regulatory framework regarding the environment, and helps your company to reduce its carbon footprint. 

The environmental management standard is suitable for businesses of all types and is based on eco-friendly processes that have been carefully thought out. More and more of us are concerned about the environment nowadays, and making a positive contribution in this regard will enhance your reputation and hence increase your profitability. The Landax control system helps you to implement work processes easily and efficiently and deliver good documentation in compliance with the requirements laid down in ISO 14001


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The compliance module facilitates internal audit

We have developed something that we call our “Compliance module” for the implementation of internal audits, particularly in connection with ISO certification. This is a tool that provides an indication of how your quality system complies with requirements from the ISO standard. You can receive regular status overviews directly on your dashboard and remain fully updated on progress in the certification process at all times.

This module is also suitable for helping you to maintain procedures that are compliant with laws and regulations of relevance to your operations.


Document management for routines and procedures

The document module allows you to control all kinds of written routines, procedures, instructions, minutes, texts, emails, images, and other kinds of documents and files. All files placed in the Landax document library will be stored, versioned, revised, and distributed, and also sent out for consultation. All documents are placed in your preferred folder structure and are also available across other modules in Landax. 

Process mapping 

Most ISO standards relating to management define stringent demands in terms of documentation of quality system architecture. This is covered effectively with the Landax process model. You can compile flowcharts here to visualize different processes and workflows. You can link these to employees involved, risk analyses, documents, and other important information. 

Creating good, platform-independent flowcharts is a quick and easy task in Landax. This feature is integrated throughout the entire Landax system, so flowcharts can be updated efficiently and shared. 

A complete documented workflow also provides a solid basis for determining what the focal point should be in various areas, e.g. risk analysis, EHS, and skills. 


Do you have any questions on the Landax control system? Read our frequently asked questions here.


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Our consultants have expertise in respect of a number of different ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 21000, and offer both advice and practical assistance to help your company achieve successful ISO certification.

You can also contact us by email or phone all year round if you have any questions on certification processes, quality management, and internal control work.


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