This package meets your needs for timekeeping and following up on holidays and absences. This solution also provides you with a list of the company’s employees and available skills.
Included modules
Included modules

An HR management system

A system for HR and competence management

Companies can achieve their objectives more easily with a good system for HR and skills management.

Employees are one of the company’s most important resources, and utilizing their skills effectively paves the way for growth and increased productivity. In the Landax management tool, you can choose from a wide range of modules that allow you to maintain an overview of the company’s human resources and manage them. All in all, these modules ensure that the company’s employees are managed well and provide a clear mapping of existing skills and skill requirements within the company.

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Collect information on your employees

Collating all information on the company’s employees and their skills in a single location makes it easy to maintain an overview of overall skills and competence within the company. This can also be used to map needs and plan further skills development.

The Employees module can be used to record information on each individual employee. This can be anything from employees’ contact details and next-of-kin to information on their job titles and pay.

We have also developed a skills module that makes it possible to record the skills available within the company in an easy, systematic way. This can be anything from training, education, and courses to tracking people who are in possession of keys or access cards. Skills requirements can be linked to different roles or processes and used for various recruitment processes.

General entry of hours, holidays and absences

Landax modules make life easier, and not just for people who are responsible for personnel or HR. This is a clear, user-friendly system for all of the company’s employees, making it easier to record hours and absences. The Timekeeping module allows your employees to record their hours in a user-friendly monthly summary. You choose who is to be able to access the module and what they are to be able to enter.

The Holiday and Absences modules make it easy to search for and record absences directly in the system. At the same time, as a manager, you can follow up on employees who are absent for any length of time by means of adapted follow-up plans. 


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Easy customer management system

The Documents module facilitates document control within the company. A document library is provided for all of the company’s routines and procedures, with functional tools for distribution, versioning, revision, and consultation. This is a practical module that is ideal for companies of all types and sizes.

Landax makes it possible to link different documents to individuals or employees with specific roles. The access level can be adapted for each individual document. This makes it easy for the HR department to share information on routines, minutes, and suchlike. If documents are highly important, read confirmation can be enabled for these so that you can see who has read and confirmed them.

Not all employees necessarily need access to the same amount of information and data, either. You can use custom rights management for various user groups to restrict some roles and allow other roles to view documents, and ensure that sensitive information does not end up in the wrong hands. Entry options and information flows will be adapted to the individual employee’s user level in the same way.

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