Food safety
Inspired by our customers, and in close cooperation with experienced specialist consultants, Landax has developed a system solution specifically for food businesses.
Included modules
Included modules

Food safety management system

Setting up a structured procedure for work relating to food safety, and internal control and audits and putting it in place is not always as intuitive.

That is why Landax has worked in partnership with leading stakeholders in the Norwegian food industry to develop a system containing useful modules and features to help companies of all sizes with this task.

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HACCP – specialist field and module

Landax has its own HACCP module. HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis (and) Critical Control Point. It is an internationally recognized method for hazard analysis and risk assessment within the food industry. This methodology exists in order to map chemical, biological and physical hazards occurring in various parts of production, and ideally to ensure that consumers do not encounter such hazards.

Improving food safety usually starts by creating a HACCP study. That is why the first step in the module is to create a HACCP group where you gather together skilled employees who are to help identify all hazards and define critical control points. In this module, you also register nonconformities and improvements, and evaluate food safety using the necessary documentation and logging. 

You maintain a simple overview of all groups in the HACCP module while also keeping a product register. You can compile a flowchart here that shows the various stages in the production process and how they are interlinked. Together with a register of basic criteria, this provides you with a good starting point for hazard analyses. Collating all hazards in a risk diagram also provides a strong, visual impression of the risk associated with an item or product. 

Complete risk analysis in one system

The Landax HACCP module can be combined with the food safety management standard ISO 22000, where implementation of HACCP is a crucial requirement. The Landax compliance module may also be useful here as you can check, point by point, whether the company’s operations are compliant with the requirements of the various standards. 

Landax has also developed a number of modules for calculating risk. The content-rich risk module provides tools that can help your company to reduce potential threats to individuals, equipment, the environment, and delivery capability. 

You can use the “Job safety analysis (JSA)” module to chart risk factors in relation to selected operations.


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