Fire and rescue
Landax offers a customised system solution for fire and rescue businesses.
Control system for fire, notification and emergency response

Fire and rescue system

A good fire and rescue system helps to ensure safe, professional management of equipment control, EHS, internal control, documents, nonconformities and – not least – drills and competence.

This Landax solution can largely be adapted to the preferences and needs of individual organisations. This includes menu items, keywords and how extensive forms and reports are to be. The Landax system is cloud-based and can be used on both PC and Mac and from the Landax app.


Gain an overview with flexible features

The nonconformity module contains a number of different tools for use in your improvement work. The nonconformity register provides a clear list of all nonconformities and attaches information that may be useful in nonconformity analyses and statistics. This may, for example, include information on nonconformity type, categories, department, equipment, process, and location. You can also add financial notes to each nonconformity and thereby clarify what nonconformities are costing the company. 

You can create a document attachment or link to a checklist if there are any other documents, checklists, images, or files linked with the nonconformity. You can also integrate the process with the module for tasks so that you have control over who does the work and when the job is to be done.


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Document management for routines and procedures

The document module allows you to control all kinds of written routines, procedures, instructions, minutes, texts, emails, images, and other kinds of documents and files. All files placed in the Landax document library will be stored, versioned, revised, and distributed, and also sent out for consultation. All documents are placed in your preferred folder structure and are also available across other modules in Landax. 


Customise the entry screen

Nonconformities are entered directly in the module, but you can also communicate such events by email or text message, or in the  Landax app. Remember to adapt your entry screen according to the type of nonconformity in question: a production nonconformity should include different information than an EHS nonconformity, for example. It is possible to reorganize the screen and the module to suit the various nonconformity types. It may also be useful on occasions to classify nonconformities according to severity as they may have different consequences for the environment, people and finance. The risk module can also be used here.

If you wish to inform others about nonconformities, you have the option of sending nonconformity cards by email and text messages to whoever you like. Moreover, employees always have the option of monitoring case processing linked with nonconformities that they have reported.



It is possible to extract lists and reports from the nonconformity module. You can set the report up however you please – by department, type or cause, for example. You can also combine various filters and conditions for the content of the report. If you would like a visual presentation of nonconformity statistics for all employees, you can create a separate nonconformity report in the main user dashboard.


Find out more here about which modules we recommend for quality management in Landax. 


Risk analysis with useful tools

Norwegian companies are obliged to perform risk assessments in order to prevent accidents and adverse events. The Landax risk module allows you to map hazards and risks and assess which factors may constitute a hazard financially, environmentally, or in respect of the company’s reputation, or harm equipment or people. 

A risk analysis maps all hazards and risks in all aspects of the company’s operations, thereby placing you in a stronger position from which to prevent accidents, nonconformities and adverse events. 

Risks are mapped by creating a risk and vulnerability analysis according to the formula “risk = probability x consequence”. You can create detailed risk descriptions of areas or processes here and establish protection measures and action plans. The overall risk pattern can be viewed in a clear diagram, and you can use this information to determine which threats and hazards require further action. You can record improvements in measures in the action plan, define deadlines and assign tasks to different employees.


Do you have any questions about the Landax control system? Read our frequently asked questions here.  


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