Expert control
Landax offers a system solution designed especially as an ECS for certified expert business.
Included modules
Included modules

Expert control system

Landax now offers a complete system solution for expert certified business (ECS).

Working in partnership with committed customers and specialist consultants, Landax AS has developed a clear and intuitive system solution that meets all ECS requirements (quality system) for companies working with expert control of cranes, earthmoving machinery, and other equipment requiring such control.

This Landax solution can largely be adapted to the preferences and needs of individual organizations. This includes menu items, keywords, and how extensive forms and reports are to be. The Landax system is cloud-based and can be used on both PC and Mac and from the Landax app (mobile and tablet).


Expert control

Companies running expert control are subject to a number of laws, regulations and standards; inspectors have to have a correct and fairly advanced combination of skills, and the quality system must be able to document for companies and auditors that everything is compliant with applicable legislation and standards. It can soon look as though a tangle of requirements and provisions have to be put into place so that companies can maintain the right to carry out this work. At the same time, you have to plan and perform these important tasks effectively, helping to prevent accidents and injuries.


Would you like to know more about what quality management involves? Read the article in our blog here.


A complete and intuitive solution

The Landax solution includes user-friendly features for:

  • Overview of relevant requirements in laws, regulations, norms, and standards
  • Visual overview of complex skills requirements
  • Simple mapping, registration and control for competence and training
  • Overview of separate control equipment with notification for follow-ups
  • Recording and following up nonconformities, documents and risk
  • Complete content overview for entire ECS, with shortcuts to all elements


It is also possible for you to offer registration and control of customers’ machines and equipment in Landax.


At the same time, the Landax system can be used to control EHS, personnel management, any other certifications, document archives and lots more.


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