Landax Enterprise is a complete package comprising all Landax modules and tools. This package is ideal for larger companies and groups.
Included modules
Included modules

Landax Enterprise

A good quality management system is crucial when it comes to ensuring satisfactory delivery for the company. 

Landax Enterprise contains all Landax modules and features for full system impact. This package is particularly well-suited to larger companies and groups.

A complete overview of all Landax modules is presented here. 

Summary of Landax applications with specialist areas and modules
Summary of Landax applications with specialist areas and modules


Landax increases business capitals 

In 2019, Torleif Bratlie, founder and managing director of Landax, launched his concept entitled “The six capitals”. This is all about how success factors can be found in six internal capitals, controlling matters accordingly and hence making it possible to utilize these capitals more extensively. 

Bratlie uses the term “capitals” to describe more than just financial assets: 


  • Human capital
  • System capital
  • Structural capital
  • Data capital
  • Relationship capital
  • Real and financial capital 


As a management tool, Landax helps to increase companies’ structural, system and data capital. 

Would you like to learn more about the six capitals, developed by Landax founder Torleif Bratlie? Find out more here


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