Emergency management
A system for notification and documentation of serious incidents and nonconformities. This package is applicable to a number of areas such as personal safety, data security, product safety etc.
Included modules
Included modules

Emergency management system

A system solution for emergency management – When safety is important

The Landax emergency management package provides your company with system support for emergency drills and incidents. Set up predefined notifications and tasks for key roles.

Every second counts in an emergency, and key individuals have to be notified as quickly as possible in a crisis. Landax is able to offer a solution for notifications, an emergency logbook and live monitoring of ongoing situations.

The emergency management package covers incidents of all kinds, such as injuries, fires, gas leaks, stoppages, natural disasters, and adverse behaviour. The features in the emergency management package are also suitable for managing incidents relating to information security and GDPR breaches.


The emergency management package from Landax places your company in a better position to deal with any situations that may arise, and you have critical system support in place when every second counts.

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Who needs system support for emergency management?

All companies should devise an emergency response plan which indicates how various crises should be managed. System support for emergency response and emergency drills provides managers and employees with a certain sense of security, knowing that they have a system for notification and documentation of serious incidents and nonconformities.

It is essential to be able to keep a cool head in a critical situation, regardless of whether you are dealing with a fire, infection, production stoppages or discharges. Landax gives you security, knowing that the system will support you in complex situations.

What you get in the Landax emergency management package

  • Nonconformity processing is used to document nonconformities during an incident or drill so that these issues are not repeated.

  • A crisis log and documentation are managed in the document library so that everyone always has access to the latest version.

  • Tasks can be defined in advance so that everyone knows what they should do in a crisis.

  • What do you do if a critical situation arises? Who is notified, and how? This can be predefined in the emergency response module on the basis of different incidents.

  • The operation module is used for reporting and documentation before, during and after the incident.

  • Locations helps to maintain an overview of the physical departments within the company.

  • Departments is a tool that is used to structure and organise different departments within the company.

  • The employees module provides a complete overview of contact details and locations for all employees and options for assigning tasks.

  • Dashboard is a custom summary screen that provides you with a simple overview of the required data.

  • The noticeboard module is used to share internal information and can be used to share information on future emergency drills and suchlike.

  • The reports module can be used to extract the required statistics and reports following a drill or crisis. You can extract measurements in real time or use this information to evaluate a situation.


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Predefined notifications

With the notification tool, you can predefine different recipient groups with predefined messages, depending on the incident scenario arising. This means that you can provide notification and take action within a few seconds. Everybody registered with Landax can receive notifications: this includes internal employees and external individuals such as suppliers and customers. Anyone who has no Landax login can receive both text messages and emails containing a link they can use to respond to the alarm. It is also possible to send out notifications to all users of the Landax app. All notifications are logged to indicate the sender, recipients, time and content.


Notifications from app

The Landax Emergency management also works in the app and has all the features needed to activate and deactivate alarms, send notifications, report and monitor. This means that the first person at the scene of an accident can notify the right key individuals in just a few seconds, and they in turn can follow set procedures.


Operation logs for emergency drills and incidents

It is important in an emergency to have an overview of what has happened,
and in what order. The operation logs module allows you to report and document information relating to the incident. This documentation is managed from the Landax
document library, so the latest version is always available, both in the app and online.


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