EHS and IC
In order to ensure compliance with applicable EHS legislation and regulations, all companies are obliged to implement and maintain an internal control/EHS system. Landax offers you all necessary EHS features.
Included modules
Included modules

EHS and internal control system

All companies should possess a system for internal control and EHS. The Landax management tool allows you to look after your company’s employees and equipment using flexible tools all collated in one web-based solution.

Good EHS work is important in order to meet the requirements of the Internal Control Regulations and international standards such as ISO 45001. If you are a head safety representative, manager, or employee representative of the company, responsibility for EHS normally rests with you. In this regard, Landax is a system that can help you to ensure that employees have a safe environment to work in. Landax also has features that ensure increased employee involvement, another statutory requirement when it comes to internal control. 

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Different modules ensure better achievement of objectives

We have worked in partnership with the business community here at Landax to develop a number of modules for quality management and internal control. The “Documents” module is useful for EHS work, for example. You can collect together your personnel manual, references to laws and regulations, procedures and instructions in a separate library here. These documents can be linked to departments and processes, and you can enter information such as revision date, responsible, and approved by info. It is also possible to send documents out for consultation processes and receive read confirmations from participants. 

We also have extensive version control, with the option of filing old versions, creating new versions, linking to revision notes, and determining document status. All information linked to the document can be merged directly into the document itself. 


The “Nonconformity” module is used for recording and following up on adverse events, immediate action taken, preventive measures, and suggestions for improvement. Anyone reporting a nonconformity can monitor the case all the way along the line, from recording to closure, and can receive information on action taken. Nonconformities can be recorded online, by text message or email, and in the i Landax app


The complementary “Risk” module allows you to keep track of all factors that can have an adverse impact on health, safety, and the environment. This ensures systematic and structured documentation of action plans and processing of risk and vulnerability analyses. In critical situations, the “Emergency response” module is good to have, too. Important contact information is linked with different notifications here, and you can set up predefined messages. Notifications are logged, indicating the time, content, sender, and recipients.


The “Checklists” module can be used for to-do lists and duties. This module is also extremely useful for new appointments. When training is completed, the new employee fills in a checklist to confirm that important points relating to EHS and other orientation have been completed. This can be done easily in the Landax app or online. 


The “Skills” module provides an overview of collective human resources within the company. You can record certificates, course certificates, education, and training here. You can also keep a list of who is in possession of keys or admission certificates, for example. Besides existing skills, you can record skills requirements and file outdated skills. A specific duration can be defined for every entry so that the responsible manager is notified when the skill is approaching its expiry date. You can record the skills of employees, suppliers, and customers.


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