Contract management
Landax includes a separate module for management of agreements and contracts. Not only does it provide control and order, it could also result in major financial gains.
Included modules
Included modules

Contract management system

Gain full control with contract management in Landax

Landax includes a separate module for the management of agreements and contracts. Not only does it provide control and order, but it could also result in major financial gains.

Landax includes a separate module for the management of agreements and contracts. This tool allows you to register all contracts with both customers and suppliers. Contract management is well integrated with the rest of Landax and can be implemented quickly for existing users.

Contract management in Landax has a feature for notification of renegotiation, expiry, and important deadlines in all your contracts, agreements and orders. Oversights or a lack of overview can quickly lead to financial losses, but this risk is minimized with good system support and notifications.

This module provides good, easy management and an overview of operations, suppliers, and customer contracts, along with progress reports and documentation in connection with each individual contract.

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Who is the Landax contract module suitable for?

Contract management is suitable for all companies that use orders, contracts, or agreements with customers, suppliers, internal departments, or companies. Examples of contracts and agreements that can be managed in Landax include:

● Framework agreements
● Customer contracts
● Supplier contracts
● Leasing agreements
● Operation and maintenance agreements
● Support agreements
● Work contracts
● Warranty agreements for equipment and products

Landax has a number of applications for small and large companies. View a list of some of these here.

How Landax contract management works

Landax contract management can be set up in several different ways depending on the content and structure of the agreement.

When you input a new contract, you can add details such as the other party’s contact details, who is responsible internally, contract status, duration of the contract, notice period, price adjustment date, price adjustment interval, and contract value.

It is also possible to link nonconformities, documents, specifications, tasks, and risk assessments to each individual contract.


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An overview of agreements and contracts can result in financial gains

Most contracts have to be renegotiated at regular intervals. It may cost your company a lot of money if you forget to negotiate a tenancy agreement or terminate a binding subscription, for example.

Digitizing all kinds of contracts and agreements will allow you always to maintain a complete list of expiry dates. The value of the contract for the next 12 months is also added so that you always maintain an overview of future costs.


Do you have any questions on the Landax control system? Read our frequently asked questions here.  

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