Landax AS has an  ever-growing network of partners in the quality industry. Our partners are consultants and specialists who assist our customers in connection with control systems and certifications.

Comelius 2023 Landax

Hanna Elise Storm Espeseth at Comelius AS

Comelius helps companies to ensure that the management system, documentation and practice are in accordance with internal and external requirements and expectations in subject areas such as quality management, HSE, emergency preparedness, safe food / HACCP and expert control. Hanna Elise has a lot of experience with using Landax's system and modules, as well as ISO certifications with Landax as a tool.

wbu logo 2023 Landax

Siv Wergeland at Wergeland Bedriftsutvikling

Wergeland has cutting edge skills in the development of management systems, process mapping, risk mapping, EHS, emergency response and use of web-based quality systems.

wbu logo 2023 Landax

Wergeland Bedriftsutvikling v. Siv Wergeland

Wergeland har spisskompetanse i utvikling av ledelsessystem, prosesskartlegging, risikokartlegging, HMS, beredskap og bruk av web-baserte kvalitetssystem.

2023 Landax

Håkon Samnøy at Excito Consulting AS

Excito Consulting helps companies to deploy digital control systems. Excito supplies consultation linked with analysis, design, implementation and training on the Landax control system.

Agens 2023 Landax

Jon Simonnæs at Agens

Agens offers development programmes for creating better management among managers and employees, as well as turning purchasing, logistics and negotiations into a valuable function for the business. They also help to introduce modern systems and methods in order to increase value using as few resources as possible.

veritech logo 2023 Landax

Magnus Robbestad at Veritech AS

Veritech offers advisory services and skills development in the fields of EHS, quality, environment and management. This includes development of management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 - Quality, ISO 14001 - External Environment, 45001 - Work Environment and 27001 - Information Security.

MatPuls 2023 Landax

Hege Skari at Matpuls AS

MatPuls has extensive experience of advice and guidance on hygiene issues and can help you to ensure optimum performance of the food safety procedures within your company. Hege provides Landax with its expertise in the fields of food safety and HACCP, as well as internal control for the restaurant industry.

forme e1608720450497 2023 Landax

Bertil Marius Digranes at FORME Prosjekt AS

Forme Prosjekt has extensive experience of the streamlining of processes in order to increase project profitability. This company provides specific advice on simplification, renewal and improvement in order to increase interaction between humans, organisation and technology, thereby creating better results.

jm konsult logo retina2 2023 Landax

Jøran Martin Johansen at JM Konsult

JM Konsult works in close partnership with companies that focus strongly on the environment and EHS. They are currently assisting a number of companies with the introduction of management systems to help them create more dynamic business. Its management systems operate in the fields of environmental management, administration and the work environment. They base their services on standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and the Eco-lighthouse.

AHA 2023 Landax

Anette Hannestad at AHA-kvalitet AS

Anette founded AHA-Kvalitet in 2008, and since 2015 she has been working on development and quality assurance of control systems for local companies in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.

nevanyttig 2023 Landax

Ragnar Grimstad at Nævanyttig AS

Nævanyttig provides services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Tasks linked with the operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment, building and construction, development projects involving production equipment or product prototypes, project management, design with 3D modelling and associated documentation in the relevant fields.

hygiene 2023 Landax

Agnethe Selvik at Hygieneconsult AS

Hygienegruppen has a broad knowledge base that is used by the industry in order to enhance skills in respect of ISO, HACCP and Global Gap. It is important for Hygienegruppen to focus not only on cleanliness, but also on chemistry, quality control, quality systems and washing systems.

Olav Drivstuen at Eko Consult AS

Eko Consult has experience of organisational development, restructuring and change processes, procurement and sale of companies and business development. Olav contributes his skills in the fields of safety management, emergency response and risk analysis to Landax.

Stig Lodberg-Holm at Ingeniør Lodberg-Holm

Stig contributes his skills in the fields of quality and ISO processes. He has more than 20 years of professional experience as a quality manager and consultant, and used to work for Det Norske Veritas as an audit manager and Offshore Surveyor.

Tor Olav Drivstuen at TOD AS

Tor Olav is an experienced head of marketing with professional experience from the construction industry. Skills in the fields of customer service, coaching, strategic planning, business development and entrepreneurship. His contributions to Landax are in the fields of quality and EHS, as well as review.

Arctic Circle Solutions Pte. Ltd (Singapore and Asia)

Arctic Circle Solutions Pte. Ltd contributes skills in the fields of quality, EHS and ISO processes on the international market.