All companies are dependent on tasks of all sizes being managed and completed for efficient and continuous operation.

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Task management system

All companies are dependent on tasks of all sizes being managed and completed for efficient and continuous operation. A good task management tool will therefore be crucial to the success of the company, while also helping to meet ISO requirements relating to internal control.

Efficient and safe management

How tasks are managed is important for the efficiency, safety and quality of the work done. That is why Landax has made it possible for you to follow up on your company’s tasks and activities with ease using automatic reminders, clear forms and a dashboard, and good reports.



Plan at detailed level

The task management module in Landax helps with the planning of projects, description of processes, nonconformity processing and work on risk mitigation measures. This module is ideal for managing large information volumes in a good structure.

Landax also gives you the option of entering data as an officer, date, time, notes and lots more for each individual task. You can also create separate subtasks and define type and category.

Integrated in the entire system

The task module is well integrated with much of the Landax system and has more than 30 modules and features. This module can also be accessed from the Landax app on your smartphone or tablet.

Quality management control system

All tasks in Landax can be administered from the dashboard or in the task module. These tasks will also be available in other relevant modules in the Landax system, and may appear under different names depending on the category and type.

Examples of types

  • Risk measures in the risk module
  • Nonconformity measures in the Nonconformity module
  • Orders at enterprise level



Both registration and management of tasks are supported in the Landax app, and the system allows task types to be configured according to you own needs (fields, tabs and case flows). The app provides you with a good overview of data and documentation linked with the tasks. This includes checklists, documents, media, participants, nonconformities and tasks.

The Landax app provides you with an optimised experience with a custom setup that only shows you information that is relevant to you. This information can then be edited directly in the app. You can also use the app to document matters directly with images, video and audio recordings from your smartphone or tablet.

The app allows you to download all documents linked with your tasks either locally or to a cloud-based solution. The Landax app also has a feature for opening and viewing nonconformities linked with the task and editing them directly.

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