The Landax skills module is a useful tool that helps to ensure everyone can have valid skills in the areas required for approved and safe running of the company.

Skills overview module

Skills mapping provides you with a readily accessible list of the company’s certificates and skills. This helps the company to quickly clarify which resources can be assigned to various projects and which skills may be needed.

A clear system

The entire organisation’s skills can be collected and organised in a single location with the Landax skills module. You can easily record and follow up valid, planned and expired skills and certificates. You can also record future skills requirements.



Record – Process – Follow up

The skills module quickly and easily provides you with a complete list of all skills at both organisational and individual level. This module also allows you to sort and filter on various factors such as department, group, process, project, location, status and lots more.

You can record skills of employees, customers, suppliers and other contacts. This covers elements such as admission certificates, certificates of competence, framework agreements and necessary certificates.

Documentation and notification

The skills module allows you to record both formal skills and qualifications, with the option of documenting skills requirements met or unavailable. Landax also paves the way for linking to checklists and notes, and for distributing information directly via the system’s built-in email service.

To facilitate your work further, you can set up notifications as an element in the planning of which courses and qualifications employees will be required to acquire. Notifications are also provided on certifications that require renewal.

Calendar and clock icon. Calendar date deadline notification. Appointment, schedule, important date. Time and date. Deadline on a calendar, event notification. Event reminder scheduled on agenda


GAP analysis and matrices

A GAP ANALYSIS can be performed by setting up skills requirements/needs and linking it to employees, suppliers or customers. You then receive a simple list of anything missing from the company’s skills requirements. These will be displayed as skills requirements in the skills overview.

The Landax skills matrix shows an overview of who has which skill types. It provides a clear indication of the status of every skill, and new skills can be recorded directly from the matrix. The matrix can be filtered, change direction (person/type) and be exported to Excel.