Keep records, inspections and internal audits in the records module, useful for planning, implementation and follow-up.

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System for logs, minutes and audits

Meeting minutes are an important tool for all businesses that want to apply good meeting procedures. Minutes or records should be compiled from more meetings in order to meet documentation requirements and streamline the follow-up of actions after meetings. Records can also be used as a valuable tool for conducting audits in accordance with ISO requirements.

Documentation and distribution

Landax offers a separate solution for management of meeting records. The purpose is to keep things in order and ensure functionality with regard to the documentation and distribution of meetings and audits. Individual items or the entire record can be provided and sent automatically to registered participants and responsible personnel.



Custom setup and signing

The module can be used to create an audit (audit, meeting or similar). The records primarily include items from the agenda, but they can also be represented by a document.

You have the option to add details on the person responsible, participants, location and date, for example. You can define your own sets of information – i.e. one set for internal auditing, for example, and another for safety rounds. Records can also be signed directly in the system.

Lots of useful features

The Landax records module is also ideal for planning future meetings in various areas such as quality, EHS, WEC, board meetings, working meetings, etc.

  • Search old records and filed cases
  • Use ready-made templates for various meeting types
  • Defines a case as a nonconformity for further processing in the nonconformity system
  • Register and link deadline, completion date, person responsible, decisions, document enclosures, etc.
  • Send cases by email directly from the Landax system
  • Copy entire records and use them as a basis for a new one

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