Project management is a major element in the day-to-day work of many companies and can lead to enhanced competitive advantage, for example, if such management is quality-assured

Quality system for project management

Project management is a major element in the day-to-day work of many companies and can lead to enhanced competitive advantage, for example, if such management is quality-assured. Good project management also helps to bring about a good work environment and financial growth, while also ensuring participants’ safety and efficient progress.

Simplifies your working day

Project control can be complex and wide-ranging in many ways, particularly if it continues for an extended period and there are stringent demands for documentation and safety. Your work could be significantly simpler, however, if you have a management system that takes care of everything from small subtasks, checklists and deadlines to crucial milestones and risk assessments.

Control system for project control and project management


Guides you through your projects

Landax offers a project module that can be used to document and manage projects with subprojects and tasks. Projects are collected with reports, information and documentation in the module. This module is also a great tool for resource planning and management, with the help of reports and diagrams.

The features provided for registration and notification within the project’s relevance enable you to ensure that documentation is always updated and in accordance with requirements. You can also link checklists.

Avoid resource leaks

The Landax project module will also ensure that you avoid resource leaks and data loss, and that you always have a complete overview of all aspects of the project. Requirements for documentation and continual improvement can be satisfied, you experience personal gain and good results.


Control system for documents and document enquiries

Document requests

The project module also offers a solution for management of document requests. This comprises is a preregistered structure for which documents are to provide quality assurance of the project. Each individual request is added as a flag, usually linked with project phases. A document request can be a checklist, a document, a flowchart, an organisation chart, etc. In basic terms, this covers anything that can be added to a document.

Document requests are to be regarded as a checklist of what is documented or what has no documentation.

Document requests have automatic name population so that file names are consistent and maintain the same standard. Drag-and-drop functionality is used to add documentation quickly and easily.


The Landax app offers excellent project management and task registration support. Each individual task type can be configured specifically for the relevant information. This is applicable to fields, tabs and case flow. The app provides an overview of all elements linked with projects; including subprojects, tasks, checklists, documents, media, nonconformities, JSAs and participants.

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Checklists can be linked directly to the project and be filled in either online or in the app. The app also provides the option of using your cell phone camera for documentation purposes with photos, video and audio recordings. This documentation is linked to the checklist and is also available in the system online. This feature is particularly useful for JSA work.

Documents and nonconformities are also accessible directly in the app. You can view an overview of all documents linked with the project and download these locally or to a cloud-based solution. You can open and view the project linked with the task and edit these directly in the Landax app.