Documentation of quality management system architecture is a key element in most ISO management system standards, and the Landax process module provides you with the tools you need for success with this.

Keep track of your company’s processes

A management system for quality is based on the company’s processes and how these are controlled in order to supply satisfactory products and services to customers. That is why good processes are absolutely crucial to your company’s results and success.

Documents all processes

The Landax process module allows you to document all of your company’s processes in a system. This provides you with an excellent and clear foundation for determining whether or not a process meets target requirements.

A process usually consists of a number of workflows. The process module ensures you have a complete overview of all of your company’s workflows, with a version control option.


Control system for processes and workflow

Dynamic flowcharts

Landax allows you to use the process module to draw and prepare a visual model of your processes. You can add processes to the flowcharts and link them to individuals, documents, images and other information.

The flowchart can be linked to a complete process description, with risk analyses and versions. This module is cloud-based, and you work with the charts/models directly in your browser.

A complete system

Landax modules for nonconformities, documents, risk analyses, checklists, notes and several others are closely linked with processes and workflow documentation.

The process module can be used to design:

  • Graphic presentation of procedures
  • Organisational chart
  • Document portal
  • Workflow chart

Quality management control system


Process-oriented management

Using Landax can also help to reduce work environment problems as these often occur due to processes implemented poorly.

Leadership can be defined as the art of leading people through work processes towards shared targets, in a manner that supports participation, involvement and results.