Norway and number of other countries have statutory requirements relating to health, safety and the environment, and a good control system is a fundamental element if you are to achieve success with a good safety and emergency response culture.

Operation logs for emergency response and emergency response management

Operation logs are used to report and document information relating to emergency response incidents and drills, and can also be used as a crisis management tool and operation notification system.

Drills and events

The Landax system offers a module for operation logs that can be used as a drill schedule and for live incidents. This module is closely linked with Landax Emergency Response, which also contains tools for notification and documentation of instructions and emergency response plans.

Documentation relating to emergency response is controlled from the Landax document library, where you are guaranteed always to have the latest revised and valid version available – both online and in the Landax app.



Landax Emergency Response

Landax offers operation as part of its “Emergency Response” package, which also includes notification. The emergency response module covers all incident types such as injury, fire, gas leaks, natural disasters, information security, adverse behaviour, etc.

Accessible from the app

There are a number of message logs for each type, relating to focus areas, situation description, special information and media. Messages are logged automatically from action plans and notification plans in Landax, or you can add your own.

The emergency response module is available both online and in the Landax app.