The noticeboard is a module for providing internal information within the organisation.

Intranet noticeboard

A noticeboard is used for fast and easy distribution of information to the company’s employees in-house. This helps to reinforce internal control and quality control. Using a web-based system for this will always ensure that internal communication is readily accessible to all employees.

Internal communication

Landax offers a separate solution that meets the need for internal communication. The noticeboard can be used as the company’s intranet and be incorporated in the Landax dashboard. 

Noticeboards typically include articles with text and photos, structured for the department, date and user groups.


Cloud-based and user-friendly

The Landax noticeboard supports insertion of articles, images, links and other attachments. You can also format content however you please. This solution is cloud-based, user-friendly and department-based.

This module can act as a gateway to the entire Landax system, and is frequently used on the homepage or part of the dashboard solution in Landax.


Quality management control system

Examples of uses

  • New projects
  • Topic of the Month
  • Employee of the Month
  • New customer relations
  • Changes to the quality system
  • Internal audits and processes
  • Links to external pages (e.g. laws and regulations)