The Deviations module is an extensive and flexible solution for the registration and monitoring of deviations and improvements.

Nonconformity management with Landax

Nonconformity management is an important element in internal control and improvement work. In this process, you have to identify which adverse event has taken place, and why. When this is reported, it gives you the option of remedying the nonconformity and preventing it happening again.

A complete system

The Landax non-conformance tool gives you access to a complete system for recording, processing and following up nonconformities. We optimise and simplify nonconformity work by offering features such as prioritisation, differentiating between simple and complex events, nonconformity types with custom form setup, and lots more.

Styringssystem for registrering av avvik og avviksbehandling

Styringssystem for avvik og avvikshåndtering

Reports and analyses

Landax also allows you to export combinatory reports based on all records, including financial consequences. Both impact analyses and reporting on these are also included in the nonconformity system.

Accessible from the app

We offer entry and documentation via our app in order to make nonconformity work readily accessible to the entire company. Use the camera on your smartphone to document events directly using images, or add audio files and other attachments. The app is optimised for both iOS and Android and works even when your smartphone is in areas where there is no signal. 

Styringssystem for avvik og avvikshåndtering i App


The Landax non-conformance system can be used along with quality work, EHS, auditing and internal control. This module is especially useful in connection with risk assessments and analyses.

Landax helps you to keep track of everything from immediate action taken and preventive measures to financial consequences. It is also possible to create and link risk events direct from a deviation. The flexibility of the nonconformity tool also makes it useful for anyone processing change orders, running minor emergency drills and a number of other special events


Features in the Non-conformance module

  • Dynamic types, categories and focus notes and dialogue in forms
  • Linked risk analyses
  • Excellent follow-up features
  • Reporting using analysis tools
  • Verification of measures
  • Actions in various categories
  • Excellent image management support
  • Support for ISO-based management standards
  • Financial impact

Registration and reporting

Everything that can and should be recorded in order to improve can be entered in the nonconformity module. The system includes lots of features for both entry and reporting. The module can differentiate between simple and complex event types.

Custom form types

Different nonconformity types require different information. An EHS nonconformity should be made up of other types of information than a production nonconformity, for example. In Landax, you have the option of creating your own type-based form setups for nonconformities. You can specify a category, focus area, location and department here, as well as process, equipment and lots more.


You may need to classify the nonconformity by severity. A nonconformity can have different consequences for individuals, the external environment and finances. This provides a useful basis for the nonconformity card. You can also use this information in the risk module.

Monitor nonconformity

You may sometimes need to enter a new event following the processing of nonconformities. In the nonconformity module, you can close a nonconformity and so directly access entry of a new nonconformity based on the nonconformity you are in.

Provide information about the nonconformity

You always have the option of sending the nonconformity card by email to anyone who may be interested in finding out about the nonconformity, whether they just have to be notified or will be assisting with processing of the nonconformity.