Tool for planning, implementation and documentation of inspection rounds.

Control system for inspections

All businesses that perform inspections and controls of buildings and sites can benefit from a system optimised for inspection, checking and examination.

Cloud-based solution

Landax offers a cloud-based solution for efficient collection and processing of your company’s data. This module provides you with a customised system for inspection, checking and examination. It can include safety rounds, maintenance checks, safety inspections and fire safety.



Inspection rounds and plans

The inspection management module enables you to add inspection rounds for areas, buildings, equipment or machines. The inspections are organised into plans that define which area or equipment is to be checked. Equipment recorded in an area constitutes checkpoints in the inspection plan.

Records nonconformities

This module allows you to enter both direct inspections and planned inspections with recurring tasks. If any findings are identified during the inspection round, these can be entered as nonconformities and be processed in the Landax nonconformity module.