We have developed a system to help you with product description, process description, hazard analysis and risk assessment.


HACCP solution

All food producers that want efficient, easy HACCP documentation of production lines will benefit from this module. HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis (and) Critical Control Point.

It is an internationally recognised method for hazard analysis and risk assessment within the food industry.

For food production

The Landax HACCP module has been prepared in consultation with leading stakeholders in the Norwegian food industry. The solution is an integrated module in the Landax system, and is a useful and flexible tool for businesses working with food production.

Production stages

The processes for food production are entered in the Landax HACCP module. You can describe each stage of the process. You can also draw a flowchart showing how production flows through the stages in the process. This provides an excellent overview of production and helps to identify hazards.

Hazard analyses and CCP

Hazards can be associated with each stage of the production process. They include allergens and biological, physical or chemical hazards. All hazards can be collected together in a risk diagram for a clear view of the risk status of the product.

Hazards can also be assessed and defined as critical control points (CCPs), or defined as controlled by the basic criteria. This can be set directly or using a known decision tree.

Design your dashboard

The Landax HACCP module has a separate dashboard that provides an overview of HACCP teams, plans and basic criteria. You can edit the dashboard to suit you and your business.

Many people encounter various challenges when introducing HACCP methodology in food safety work. We have developed a system to help you with product description, process description, hazard analysis and risk assessment.

Features in the HACCP module

  • Product register
  • Register of basic criteria
  • Overview of HACCP teams
  • Summary of production plans
  • Flowchart
  • Hazard analysis, Risk analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Report on critical control points


This solution can be combined with the food quality standard ISO 22001 and the compliance module. HACCP requirements are a key element of ISO 22001.


Plans and teams

The production process is described in a plan. In this plan, you can record nonconformities and improvements, and evaluate food safety using documentation and logging. You can also add food safety teams (HACCP teams) and link these to the plan.


Basic criteria

One key element of the HACCP methodology is based on identifying hazards and assessing the risk of unsafe products. To perform a good hazard analysis, it is necessary to have an overview and control over the basic criteria, a requirement that is addressed by having a separate register of basic criteria.