Emergency response

In a crisis key persons have to be notified as soon as possible. It is also vital to maintain control over events as the crisis unfolds. Landax is able to offer solutions for notification and the keeping of an emergency logbook.

Emergency response system

Most companies will feel more secure by having a system for notification and documentation of serious incidents and nonconformities. Every second in an emergency situation, crisis or exercise is important and may be absolutely crucial to the outcome. The number of operations needed should therefore be few and simple.

Efficient and user-friendly

The Landax emergency response module offers a user-friendly and efficient solution that helps you to notify your emergency response team and make fast decisions in the event of critical incidents.

Control system for emergency response and emergency response management

Control system for emergency response and fire

Alarms and notifications

This module provides a high level of control during ongoing emergency response situations. It allows you to send notifications and activate alarms while giving recipients the opportunity to respond with predefined statuses and custom comments.

People who do not have their own Landax logins can be alerted via text or email and have the opportunity to respond to the alarm via a link. 

Adapt to own preferences

This solution also allows you to send predefined texts and any documentation to both key individuals and other people involved. All parties registered in the Landax system can be notified – both internal employees and external personnel such as customers, suppliers, etc. Texts and people can be adapted easily on dispatch.

The emergency response module also provides you with access to historical reports and the notification log, and has a unique feature for live monitoring of ongoing situations.

Control system for emergency response, notification, fire and rescue


Full control from the app

The emergency response system is easy to access from anywhere by using the Landax app. All the features you need to activate alarms/send notifications, monitor critical situations, report and deactivate alarms are provided here. A good overview of the status of all responses is also provided.

You can use the emergency response module in Landax for both procedures and plans, role documentation, modelling of notification groups, operations documentation (operation logs) and compliance documentation.

Examples of properties

  • Notification and mobilisation via text messages, e-mail and app
  • Feedback and status
  • Plans that can be revised
  • Predefined notifications

Operation and messages

The Landax emergency response module can be used to record a range of incident types, such as fire drills or gas leaks. There are a number of message logs for each type, such as focus areas, situation description, special information and media. You can add your own messages or download them automatically from action plans and notification plans.


Landax app

The Landax app offers excellent support for the management of alarms and notifications in connection with emergency response. Using the app allows you to view documentation attached to notifications, phone superior personnel and respond to the notification. It also provides access to all historical notifications that you have been involved in previously.

Administrators have a full overview and control of alarms and notifications – from both the web-based application and the app. It is also possible to define the status of individuals who are unable to do so themselves and to view notification history with a complete list of participants.


Alarm and notification groups

Alarm groups are used to activate alarms that must be responded to and deactivated. Alarms are indicated in red in the app. Notification groups are used to send out notifications that recipients can choose to respond to. These are not an ongoing alarm, but just a notification that is sent out. Notifications are indicated in blue in the app.