Module for following up customer relations.

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CRM system for customer management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about controlling the company’s customers and customer relations. Good customer relationship management is absolutely crucial for sales and a good reputation. Using a web-based and dynamic CRM system allows you to optimise this process and help to increase your company’s turnover.

Streamlines the sales process

The Landax CRM module helps to maintain effective, active dialogue with customers. Shorten sales processes by maintaining control over customer information and dedicated distribution of responsibilities. Effective processing, analyses and reports also enhance the business’s profitability.



Adapted to your needs

This module can link your customers to agreements, projects, timekeeping and lots more. The solution can easily be adapted to companies of all sizes.

Smaller companies’ CRM needs may be limited to an address list with options for linking to email, documents and contracts, while larger companies may need analyses and reports for calculating profitability following various marketing activities, for example.

Landax CRM features

  • Option of linking risk analyses to customers
  • Categorisation and labelling
  • Dynamic registration form with option for notifications
  • Option for enclosures directly to customers
  • Seamless linking to other modules such as projects and equipment


Customers can be categorised with different statuses. You can set the customer status to Active, Potential, etc. The customer list in the Landax system includes information such as the company name, contact details and labels, and you can enter and display both previous and future customer follow-ups. The icons in the customer bar indicate whether it is linked to notes, nonconformities, documents, tasks, etc.  You can also filter, sort and search the list.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management