Contract management

All companies that use agreements, orders, contracts, etc. in their dealings with customers and suppliers, or between specific departments/companies and the counterparty, will benefit from a contract management tool.

Agreement management and contracts system

Good agreement management based on a quality-assured process is absolutely essential for companies working with customers and suppliers, or between departments and companies and a counterparty.

Dynamic solution

Landax offers a dynamic solution for management and follow-up of many agreement, order and contract types. The Landax agreement module can be used to document, structure and follow up agreements and contracts, thereby also helping to meet the authorities’ documentation requirements.

Styringssystem for håndtering av avtaler og kontrakter

Styringssystem for avtaler og avtalehåndtering

Custom templates

Create custom templates and link to everything from documents, products and tasks to nonconformities and risk incidents. Landax also allows you to define a status and contract value and enter dynamic price adjustment intervals.

Rights setup

Agreement management in Landax allows you to distribute responsibility for follow-up to specific staff and protect the contents by means of your preferred rights setup. The agreements will also be directly linked to the company’s customers and suppliers in a comprehensive system.

Styringssystem for håndtering av avtaler og kontrakter


Automatic notification

All agreements can be set up with notification of expiry date, renegotiation and cyclical deadlines. This gives your company unique control over the risks relating to agreements and potential financial losses.

Landax means your company’s agreements and contracts are always readily accessible, no matter what time it is or where you are. Using a digital system means that you and your company are also making a contribution to a positive environmental trend.

Agreement management in Landax paves the way for several different custom sets of agreement forms, based on the type and content of the agreement. Every agreement is recorded in a form as a customer agreement, supplier agreement or operating agreement with associated data.

Examples of contract types

  • Supplier agreements
  • Customer agreements
  • Operation and maintenance agreements
  • Work agreements
  • Framework agreements
  • Support agreements

When creating an agreement, you can define the status, add contact information for the parties and record information on duration and affiliation, as well as the price and value. Landax allows you to link documents, specifications, nonconformities, risk assessments and tasks directly to each individual contract. The contract value can also be calculated automatically on the basis of defined values.

This solution makes it possible to add notes to provide a simple overview of all changes, and also to follow up across staff members. The system also allows you to search in all agreements entered in Landax.