The compliance module is a tool for certification and auditing of quality systems.

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Certification and audit system

A completed assessment of compliance is often required if your company would like to be certified according to the ISO standards. This assessment ensures that you are operating in compliance with the requirements defined. A compliance assessment is also useful for businesses that have to comply with other standards, licences, regulations and suchlike.

Fast and complete overview

The Landax compliance module provides a fast and complete overview of how your quality system meets the requirements in the various standards. These requirements can also be displayed point by point, but a description of how you comply with requirements from standards, laws, agreements and declarations of various types.

Landax has a partnership agreement with SIS in Sweden.

Styringssystem for samsvar og sertifisering

System for samsvar og ISO

Refers directly to requirements and points

It is fundamentally important for businesses to maintain an overview of the requirements they have to meet, and they have to ensure that they are actually being met. Documenting compliance is also particularly important when aiming to demonstrate that you have adequate internal controls.

The Landax compliance module allows you to refer to all requirements and points from the quality standard. If you are aiming for ISO certification, you can insert your responses for each point in the standard. Documentation can also be linked directly to each requirement point.