Landax app

For easy recording on the go

App for service

The Landax app offers excellent support for various modules,
with new modules being added all the time.

The Landax app works with nine of our modules. It can be used to record events, JSA and nonconformities while you are on the go. All information recorded in the app is available in the web version of Landax and is also included in processing.

Also works without a network

Works without an Internet connection, so you can record incidents even if you are in a basement, on a mountain or underground, for example. As soon as you are back online, the app will be synchronised and everything will be available in the web version of Landax.

Document with a camera

Use the camera on your phone to add pictures of the nonconformity. A picture can often provide the best description. All pictures are available in the web application and will form part of the further processing of the nonconformity.

If you are working with a project-based job, you can add nonconformities and JSA directly to the project using your phone as well.


The following modules are currently optimised for use with the app:

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