Landax API

Landax gives you all the tools you need for quality management, all collected in a single piece of software.

Landax API

A good quality management system is crucial when it comes to satisfactory delivery. Use Landax for improvements, process control and document control.

The Landax system has been developed with a comprehensive API which facilitates integration and interaction with other systems. Our API is an OData-based (Open Data Protocol) interface that paves the way for data exchange between various systems.

Examples of applications include:

• Custom forms for reporting (e.g. nonconformities)
• Filtering of data stored in Landax
• Synchronisation of data from other systems, customers, users, etc.

When you communicate with the API, you have full control over what data you access in the source system and target system. You ensure that no data is lost by writing or maintaining the synchronisation program.

A list of official client libraries, with download links, can be found at Landax also has a number of clients that can help you with development. For more information, see

Moreover, all our servers are located in Norway to ensure optimum system stability.