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The most frequently asked questions are answered here.

Landax is the ultimate tool for quality management, certification processes and internal control. The system is highly flexible and adapted to suit the needs of each individual business. It has many options and features, and we often receive the same questions over and over from customers or stakeholders about Landax applications. We have attempted to collate a number of the most frequently asked questions here, and tried to answer them.

Bratlies Data AS was founded in 1995 and changed its name to Landax AS in 2000.

We currently have 24 permanent employees at Landax. We also have a number of partners who contribute their expertise to Landax.

A list of our partners can be viewed here.

The overall cost to use Landax is dependent on how many modules and licences your company wishes to use. We also offer a number of complete package solutions.

View our package solutions here.

It depends on your industry and the size and needs of your company. Give us a call on +47 62 53 36 80 or send an email to post@landax.no for information and advice. You can also try Landax free in order to try out the various modules.

View all the Landax modules here.

Yes, we always review the company’s needs together with the customer and work out how best to set up the solution in order to meet your wishes. Our consultants also offer assistance during and after implementation.

Find out more about our consultancy services here.

A database is created and ready to use from day one. However, Landax is a tool that has to be adapted to the business, with correct document directories, nonconformity structure, departments, project templates, checklists, processes, etc. Ideally employees, suppliers, customers, and possibly a register of equipment and products should also be imported.

How long this takes is dependent on factors such as extent, size and capacity. You should also earmark time for management and staff training. The company can do all these things itself, or the customer can work together with our consultants to set up a setup schedule and get help with implementation and training.

Yes. The system can be adapted to suit all industries, and the modules are configured according to the company’s needs. Features that the company does not need can be removed, which makes maintaining an overview as simple as possible. If the company needs more features in the long term, these can be ordered and added at a later date. Landax can also be adapted to suit different user levels.

Find out more about the Landax system here.

Yes, Landax has developed a separate app that can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone/iOS. This can be used on both smartphones and tablets.

Find out more about the Landax app here.

Yes. Landax has an open API/user interface which makes it possible to use custom forms for reporting data, filtering data stored in Landax and synchronising data from other systems, customers, users and suchlike.

More information about the Landax API can be found here. 

An add-on feature is available so that Landax can be supplied ready to log in via Office 365. The same is true of user synchronisation with Office 365.

Existing customers can order both standard integrations and other Landax extensions directly from the control panel. 

Landax has an open API, which means that it is possible to set up services for data exchange between other systems and Landax. Landax API is an OData-based interface.   

Find out more about the Landax API here.

Yes, you can add requirements from the ISO standard or other standards to the compliance module, point by point. You can also add documentation or a description here to show that the company’s operations are compliant with the requirements for the standard selected.

Find out more about ISO certification here.

Yes, the nonconformity module is one of the most popular and widely used modules.

More information on features in our nonconformity module can be found here.

Yes, and you can also use the camera on your phone to add pictures of the nonconformity. All pictures are available in the web application and will form part of the further processing of the nonconformity. It is also possible to link the nonconformities to specific projects in the app.

Find out more about the Landax app here.

Yes. New notifications for nonconformities and tasks can be received by email and will also appear in the Landax dashboard

Yes, all significant information linked to the nonconformity, such as responsibility and follow-up, is recorded in the nonconformity module.

Yes, documents and files can be sent to external recipients by email. Nonconformity cards are also sent by email to relevant individuals, whether they are to just receive information or contribute to the processing of the nonconformity.

Yes, the document can be sent out to employees for read confirmation. The recipient can click on the attached link and sign the document form to indicate that the document has been read and understood.

Yes, several people or groups can have rights to approve documents. It is also possible to give employees access to approve documents on behalf of others.

Yes, it is possible to create different groups of users in Landax and then adapt the rights and accesses of the group or individuals.

Yes, you can record skills requirements for individuals and groups in Landax. Skills requirements can also be recorded on equipment for rent.

Yes, Landax has developed a separate module for checklists. These checklists can be defined freely and used across the entire system. 

Yes, all modules come with standard reports. There is also a separate report module where you can create custom reports. You can also extract reports from external systems here. All reports can be exported as PDF files.

It is possible to create templates in Landax that contain merge fields for metadata entered in the system. This can be used for quote templates, for example, but also for calibration reports, custom nonconformity reports, customer emails and suchlike.

Landax is a tool that is undergoing constant development. We make it possible for our customers to comply with applicable legislation by offering features can assist with matters such as privacy protection, data security and information security.

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