A complete system for quality management and control

LANDAX is the most scalable and content-rich control system

LANDAX has a large market share in all industries

LANDAX is developed in collaboration with the business community

LANDAX can help your company to achieve quality management in all respects

What is Landax?

Landax is a web-based management system for administration, management and control. It gives you all the tools you need for quality management, all collected in a single piece of software.

We have worked in close cooperation with the business community to develop a flexible system with lots of applications, meeting the control needs of companies of all sizes.


For most applications

30+ modules – a range of applications

Put together your entire system, customised for you and your business!
By offering more than 30 modules, Landax is able to meet your needs for everything from EHS and IC to project management and equipment administration.

You can use LANDAX to strengthen and streamline your company

LANDAX gives you everything in one system

LANDAX offers great integration options (API)

LANDAX is available in 10 languages

LANDAX gives you 24/7 access from all platforms and operating systems

LANDAX can help your company to achieve ISO certification

LANDAX has more than 500 customers and 66,000 users.

The LANDAX app allows you to carry your control system around in your pocket

Who uses Landax?

We have more than 540 customers and 66,000 users.
Many of these are major corporations that choose to use Landax systems.

The Landax quality system is process-based, and all our procedures could be replaced with flowcharts. This would make the system less extensive and easier to overview. Our processes work well together with document control. We have linked documents directly to the activities in the process, while at the same time we are certain that the document has been approved by the process owner and that the correct version is used. The activities can also create tasks automatically in the project module and help us to ensure compliance with the process in the project.

Eva Petchel
Helgesen Tekniske Bygg

Landax gives us the control we are entirely dependent upon in order to achieve our certification. Landax is a unique system that gives you the opportunity for full adaptation to your business. Landax has the structure, templates and assets to establish, implement, maintain and go on improving the quality system. Receiving and sending email from the system is easy. The option of internal follow-up within the company is crucial for streamlining quality work. We use all the Landax modules – knowing that we have full control over all elements gives us a sense of security. As regards both EHS and quality. The internal follow-up and distribution options are why we are particularly pleased with Landax. The nonconformity module is ingenious, in that fitters can also create nonconformities out in the field, and these are then sent directly to the system. An email is sent at the same time to the person who has to deal with the nonconformity. This cuts down on and streamlines administration work.

Ola Lunde

We had assessed a number of control systems when we came across Landax. Landax meets all our needs when it comes to corporate management. We use more or less all the modules, so we have good control in all respects: good planning of day-to-day tasks, a good overview of nonconformities, risk, maintenance tasks, emergency response plans, audits, etc. When the Directorate for Civil Protection tightened up on its documentation requirements in respect of laws and regulations, we realised it would be difficult to retain our production licence without a good system. Landax came to the rescue for us.

Olav Drivstuen
SSE Norway

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